Termite Control

Basic Termite Control Tips

Termites, not ants, can very easily be the difference between you having a home that lasts for 50 years or one that gets eaten to the ground within 6 months. These little insects are your everyday home terrorists, especially if you have a major home foundation made of wood.

The problem is quickly compounded if you live in a region where air dampness is common. When you get a combination of wood and damp conditions, it can quickly mean a termite nest. An ants nest can be simply destroyed, but if a termite colony lives in or near your home, without destroying the nest, your home can, in turn, be the one that is torn down.

So what can you do to prevent termites from carrying out an occupation of your home like the Japanese did with the rest of Asia in World War II?

  1. Ensure there are no wooden scraps and tree stumps in or near your home and its foundation, especially the stumps. They are prime locations for a termite colony and they will migrate to your house the minute you start building it.
  2. Constantly check for cracks or breaks in your house. Do not limit checks to just wooden parts. Termites are known to creep into cracks in brick walls as well, before attacking the wooden portions in the rest of the home.
  3. Install moisture absorbers in your home. Termites love wood. They also enjoy damp conditions for their breeding ground.
  4. Keep your home well-drained. Moisture absorbers are baby steps. Keeping your home dry through proper drainage is a major foundation.
  5. Wood can add so much to the visual aesthetics of a home, but a smart person will keep it to the minimum. The less wood you have, the less appealing your house is to termites.
  6. Schedule periodic maintenance by a pest control company if necessary, especially if your home is situated in a prime region for termite damage.

These are just some of the more basic measures in termite prevention. If you do not want these bugs to destroy your dream home, take early steps in strong termite control.

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