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Termite Prevention And Control For Free

If you have termites attacking your home, or have been trying to prevent a termite problem, then you have definitely wondered about the amount of money you have to spend on that. For convenience and professional help, it is always best to hire a pest control company for solving your termite problems. However, if you are facing a tight budget or monetary constraint, there are some things which you can do yourself to ensure a lower occurrence of termites and sometimes, total elimination.

Here are some suggestions as to what you can do to prevent or get rid of termites in your home. They have been proven to get results for most people if done right and consistently.

Keep Your Home And Surroundings Free of Unwanted Items

Especially that of items made from wood or other wood based material such as paper or cardboard. Termites love areas which have wood and moisture. It is even better if these combine to give you decomposing wood. So get rid of any such items or keep them stored securely and tightly in metal containers or such, to prevent termites from detecting them.

Protect Wooden Components In Your House

Again, keep any wooden parts of your house from attack of termites. If possible, ensure that your wooden furniture are made from treated or processed wood that contains chemicals to turn away the bugs.

Regular Maintenance Of Your Home

Prevent or reduce the incidence of cracks in your house. This includes cracks in brick walls or metal parts, as termites are quick to burrow through such openings to look for any wood. Fill up these cracks periodically.

Reduce Moisture

Lower the risk of moisture creeping into your home and leading to wood decomposition. That will attract termites to your home. Buy de-humidifiers or appliances that can help to control the level of moisture in your home. Such prevention will go a long way in eradicating the problem of termites in your house.

The above are some great methods for the budget conscious in termite prevention and elimination. The best option would always be to get pest control assistance, but if you wish to save some money, use some effort and employ the tips mentioned here.

Termite Pest Control – Why You Should Not Wait

When you have a termite situation in your home, it would no doubt leave you with a bad headache. These little bugs can cause huge problems and the end result can very often be ugly. Termites can practically chew your house down if you do not treat the problem with some pest control early and fast.

What are the kinds of termites that you should know and are commonly the ones causing problems for people? You have the damp wood termites which are usually found in the northwest regions where wood is normally wet in nature. Then there are the dry wood termites which prefer non-temperate regions and therefore mostly in the tropics. Finally, the next most common are the subterranean termites which are incidentally the toughest to control and exterminate due to their hardy nature and are everywhere.

How do you determine if you have a termite problem, other than calling a pest control company to perform a check? If you notice holes in your wooden furniture and housing parts, that is a surefire sign that the situation exists in your home. Rather than wait, hurry and contact a pest control company. They will give a definitive answer and provide extermination services on the spot if required. Do not worry about the costs of pest control. They are usually relatively cheap and in the long run, it is better to spend to rid you of termites, than to spend thousands more on destroyed furniture and housing because of an untreated pest problem.

When the termite pest control company is performing the checks on your home, make sure to find out what type of termites is plaguing your home, and what treatment they will be carrying out. It is not enough to kill the bugs that are visible. The best solution is to find the colony and exterminate it. Request the pest control company to seek out the nest and destroy the eggs. This will prevent them from returning and re-infestation. Also ensure that a period of regular checks can be carried out by the company to guarantee the problem does not return.

Termites can be a frustrating and destructive problem, but it is certainly treatable and preventable. If you spot termite damage, do not let the situation get drawn out. Find a pest control company immediately for a fast assessment and treatment. The money spent will be well worth your time when you become termite free.